Spotlight on Bicycle Fashion Designers – Betabrand

San Francisco, CA based Betabrand designs all-season bike-to-work wear.

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Spotlight: Betabrand

All-season bike-to-work wear.

Founded 2010 | San Francisco, CA

“We consider ourselves a social web clothing company that makes ‘West Coast Workwear,’” said Jason Van Horn who is responsible for managing photography, product development for the Bike to Work Collection, and cycling media relations at San Francisco, California-based Betabrand.

Unlike most other clothing companies that release products by season, Betabrand presents up to five new clothing products every week. As a way of coming up with new ideas the brand focuses on sourcing ideas and feedback from their customers. The Think Tank is a space where customers are invited to submit ideas for clothes, participate in discussions about product features, or just vote for the stuff they want to see get made.

“With so many of us utilizing bikes as part of daily life and being located in San Francisco,” shared Van Horn “having a collection of bike-friendly clothing just seems logical.” Since receiving some funding, Betabrand has been expanding their cycling products including knickers and a bike to work shirt. The company is also working on a new women’s cycling jean, the result of customers asking for a skinnier take on the popular women’s Bike to Work pant.

What’s next for Betabrand? “Our Think Tank is always the best way to see what’s in the works,” said Van Horn. “We have a wide selection of hoodies that we sell, but we still have yet to do a cycling specific one. I’m pretty excited about that, since I get to test things out first! We are also working on a Blazer to complement the Bike to Work Jacket that should be available this fall. We’re also planning to add (bike) shorts by next summer.”

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