Tern Vizy Light Review

The innovative design of Tern’s Vizy Light projects 360° of radial light on the ground while you ride.

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Tern Vizy Light Bicycle

Find it at: ternbicycles.com
Price: $40.00 USD

The Tern Vizy Light projects 360° of radial light on the ground while you ride. This creates a clear signal for cars to pass at a safe distance, and illuminates your body, so drivers can see you’re a cyclist and react accordingly. The Tern Vizy Light also has a rear-facing light for extra visibility from behind. There are 5 different modes that alternate you between flashing and steady lights. It’s weatherproof, rechargeable, and beautifully encased—safety radically reinvented. 60 lumens of total light make you easy to spot and the quick-release mounting system makes the light easy to remove.

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A bicycle light designed with a rear facing light easily visible to drivers and a downward light that illuminates the bike and the rider. Why has nobody thought of this before? The downward light creates an effect similar to those cars you see with underbody LED lights. However, the Tern Vizzy Light is not about looking cool, which it does, but about being seen. I don’t have concrete data to prove this works but when using the light I felt I was always being given an safe amount of space by passing drivers. Maybe it’s because my bike was lit up and they knew I was a cyclist sooner allowing them to react sooner. Or maybe they tried to avoid the red circle being projected onto the ground. Either way I found it removed some of the stresses of a late night commute.

The Vizy Light proves that the future is stylish. It’s got a distinctive look that received a few “cool” comments from friends before I even turned it on. Needless to say they were more impressed by the circle of light. “Circle of life” we joked… but seriously.

Wish List
To recharge the light you just need to lift a silicone flap on the top which conceals the USB port. When the USB cord is plugged into the port it puts stress on the silicone flap and white stress marks have become apparent. I fear over time the flap could break off and expose the USB port to dirt and water. Will update if this happens – it’s still holding together pretty good so far.

The mount uses a quick-release rubber strap that is easy to use and mount on different bikes but due to the design it can only be hung from your seatpost.

This light is pretty far out! The Tern Vizy takes a new approach to being seen by using a light that illuminates the ground around you and makes the bicycle and rider visible to drivers. The downward facing light creates a bright circle on the ground that almost acts as a safety zone. Overall I felt an increased sense of safety using this light and it’s great to look down at your feet and know the light is working. The rear-facing light is visible during the day and night. The downward light works great at night but is not visible during the day.

The visibility of Tern Vizy Light isn’t the only impressive thing about it, it’s also constructed well. It’s light and has held secure on some bumpy dirt roads.

Making frequent stops? This light requires no tools and is great for quick removal when running errands by bike. You can leave the strapping mechanism in place and quickly slide the light in and out hassle free.

The battery life of the Tern Vizy Light also surpassed my expectations. I thought having two lights would require more frequent charges but thankfully this is not the case. In fact I find myself charging this light less regularly than other lights.

Nice to see a new take on the tail light. The innovative design is sleek and the Vizy Light throws a good amount of light that keeps you safe at a great price point. Well done Tern!

Sam is the marketing specialist at Momentum Mag. When not riding his bicycle to the top of a mountain he can be found with a permanent market in his hand. While not one to view the world in black and white his art is just that. IG: @vancouver.goods

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  • Tre

    Saw this in an e-mail, ordered in less than three minutes.

  • AlanG24

    How would it work with a bike rack and/or panniers? I’m guessing some of the light would be blocked, but how much?

    • Julian

      I was wondering the same thing, my rear light attached to my rear rack, I’m curious as to whether this one would work there too

  • Tom

    Cool idea. Makes me wish I had a reason to ride at night!

  • Paul Rivers

    It looks like you can’t use it with a seatpost bag, or a rack? :-/

    • Samuel Cawkell

      Hi Paul. A seatpost set up would make finding a spot for this light difficult. Depending on how long your seatpost is you might be able to make it work.

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