8 Ways to Store Your Bike That Look Cool

Alison Lucien, owner and founder of Eleanor’s in New York City, lets us in on 8 great ways to store your bike in small spaces.

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When you are not out riding, storing your bicycle safely and fashionably can be tricky (especially in small city apartments). While locking them up on a fence or inside may not give you the security or space needed for your beloved two wheels, there are still some savvy ways of locking up your bike that will give you that fuzzy feeling of relief, so we rounded up the 8 ways to store your bike that look cool and help you to save space.

This story is reposted with permission and originally appeared on blog.eleanorsnyc.com

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  • Cardoso

    Hi there,
    I’ve got this Cool Rack, that is really impressive!

  • chris byron

    Most of these design bank on you not using your ride in anything but ideal conditions. I’d love to see the floor after commuting on my fat bike in February.

  • Danielle Cummings

    Anybody know where I could get plans for the bike shed pictured in the 6/12/14 “8 ways to Store Your Bike That Look Cool” article?

    • JB Slough

      I’ve seen drawers like this that hold recycle bins or garbage pails at Lowe’s (or some other big box hardware store). Basically its a kitchen cabinet that the door is a drawer and its attached to the “floor” of the cabinet that slides out. I’m guessing one could use that as a template to build a larger version for a bike. I noticed that this shed uses a set of rails on the ground, probably because of the size and weight.

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