TiGr Mini Lightweight Bike Lock Review

The TiGr mini is a sophisticated titanium bike lock weighing it at under a pound.

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TiGr Bike lock review

FIND IT AT:  tigrlock.com

Hand-crafted in the USA, TiGr mini is titanium-tough, lightweight and elegant. The disc-style lock cylinder comes with two keys and an easy to install mounting clip. Featuring a push-button lock a key is not required to engage the lock. A PVC coating on the bow protects the bike frame from scratches. The lock weighs only 0.9lbs (0.4 kg).

Weighing in at under a pound, the TiGr mini is never a burden or hassle to transport. The lock takes up very little room in a bag or, if using the rattle free mounting clip, it snaps in and out effortlessly giving you instant access. When locking your bike there is no need to dig for the keys. The cylinder locking mechanism doesn’t require a key to engage which makes securing your bike a quick and rather convenient process. I must also say that it isn’t often that a bike lock has cool factor but the unique design of the TiGr mini looks great on my commuter bike.

There is a bit of a learning curve with this lock. The shape is a new take on the U-Lock that takes some getting used to. Once you understand how it fits around your bike and different types of bike racks, the TiGr mini is very easy to use.

The TiGr mini makes locking your bike a more convenient process. The lock is unbelievably light and the distinctive small shape gives you a locking area of 4” by 7” which is enough to secure the frame and one tire to a bike rack. After months of use I have had no issues with theft or obvious attempts at breaking the lock. The titanium seems strong enough to ward off any attackers or perhaps it’s that thieves stick to breaking locks they have a bit more familiarity with. I am confident in saying that the newly invented TiGr mini is a great option if you’re looking for a light lock to help deter thieves.

Sam Cawkell is the Marketing and Product Coordinator at Momentum Mag and a year-round bike commuter. @S_Cawkell


  • It looks like it would be pretty easy to drill out the rivets that hole the titanium bar

  • As you see from the previous posts, TiGr responded immediately. We’ve communicated via e-mail; they’re sending a replacement cylinder and will check out my current cylinder to see what went wrong. Please note – 1, the 2-week delay was mine; I didn’t see this right away, and 2- I sincerely appreciate the graciousness and professionalism with which this issue has been handled, AND 3 – no, no one asked me to update this review.

  • I bought the large TiGr and used it daily for commuting and social riding for over a year. I absolutely loved this lock for its light weight, durability, and ability to lock multiple bikes together. It could handle 2-3 at a bike rack and up to 4 across the top tubes in the back of a truck or at a campsite. The bow portion of the lock still looks brand new. Unfortunately, the lock recently became more and more difficult to operate and finally just flat-out refused to release the key. I’m terribly disappointed and because of the relatively high cost, no matter how much I love this lock I wouldn’t buy another.

    • Hey Ann – Sorry to hear about the trouble with you lock cylinder. Please reach out to us so that we can help you with that.

    • Chris Hansen

      I shoot some light oil (WD40) or silicone spray (LPS) in the lock cylinder every so often because dust and/or street grime gets in there, making it more finicky.

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