Is This the Ultimate Family Bike?

If a Kickstarter campaign is any indication, one might be inclined to say yes.

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taga 2.0 family bike

Photo: Taga Bike.

Years ago, Taga Bike invented the world’s first cargo bike that converts into a stroller, the Taga 1.0. Now sold in over 40 countries, the Taga 1.0 won the Dutch company numerous design awards and established their reputation as makers of practical, high-quality family bikes. The problem, though, was the cost. The thing was pretty darn expensive.

So they went back to the drawing board to come up with a family bicycle that was not only useful and innovative, but financially accessible to the average family. The result, the Taga 2.0, offers family cycling for three with a dizzying array of features and add-ons at a starting price of USD $999. When the company launched on Kickstarter, they offered an early-bird price of $649, and the public, evidently, was impressed. The Taga 2.0 raised a staggering $1 million USD in one day on their campaign, blowing past their funding goal by a casual $900,000, with 54 days left to sit back and watch more cash roll in.

While the success of the campaign is a little mind-boggling, it isn’t necessarily surprising. The Taga 2.0, which they’ve billed as “the ultimate family bike,” does seem to be a pretty nifty little ride. Taga Bike essentially reinvented the wheel on the traditional Dutch bakfiets, but reinvented it well. The front box has space for two children, and the seats are adjustable to face forward, face backward towards the parent, or face each other. They have comfortable foam padding, with additional padding available for young children, and are convertible to act as a brace for a baby seat. When you don’t have your kids in tow, the box acts as a space to stow cargo and the seats can be pulled over the top of it and locked, essentially creating a secure trunk for valuable goods and providing a platform to secure more cargo on the top.

Once you start getting in to add-ons, the bike really struts its stuff. It can be converted to electric in seconds by simply sliding the battery into a carriage. For the little ones, an accessory bar in the box comes with a number of attachable toys, ranging from a hard plastic desk to a steering wheel to a water gun, and a rain canopy keeps them comfortable and happy in inclement weather.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature, though, is that the whole thing is transportable. If you’re making a weekend trip up to grandma’s, the Taga 2.0 can be broken down to fit in the back of a standard SUV, or simply stored regularly in an apartment.

The Taga 2.0 is still in its crowdfunding phase, but at this point it’s safe to say the thing will be hitting the shelves this summer. You can learn more about it or order your own on the Kickstarter page.

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  • It’s affordabless for sure…and cool that it disassrmbless seemingly easy. But aside from that nothing TOO special

    • “nothing TOO special” Are you insane?
      Where can you find a front-loading cargo bike or trike that will carry an infant AND has an electric assist option for under $1500? No wonder it hit a million in one day. Clearly there is so much pent-up demand for a family bike that the current cargo bike market hasn’t been able to meet (or is unwilling to consider).

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