April 22, 2014

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Do these shoes have clips?? 241 days ago

Men like shoes too

I don't suppose Tracey Neuls would be working on a men's shoe? I'd like options that don't look like Reebok or Nike designed my shoe.

iTripped 243 days ago

More Bikey Shoes

The entire Merrell Evera line are all bike friendly and SOOOOO awesome!! With sandals, shoes, and boots, the line offers "reflective detailing for a safe ride, a stability shank for efficient pedal push power, and Merrell CycleTread™ Technology providing rigid mid foot pedal power and flexible forefoot hiking performance."

Michelle C 243 days ago

I love the Merrell Evera Line too

I have seven pairs of Merrell Everas in various styles, and really love them, more even for walking than for cycling. They are the first stylish heels I've found in years, that I can comfortably wear for more than a few hours.

Wilma 243 days ago