July 22, 2012

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Use of bicycle trailer

I bought a bike and a bicycle trailer. The trialer only curries 50kg but its advantage it that I can detach the trialer and use the bike only.

However, mostly the trailer stays attached, I am thinking of buying a cargo bike ,,,

Michael Boswell more than 2 years ago

cargo bikes in china

In China — where cargo bikes are not becoming economicallly viable, rather already are — I was amazed to see how much carrying capacity these bikes had (actually cargo trikes, with a seriously wide span between the back wheels, and pretty much the same model all over China): I would roughly estimate the average cargo load on the street at 6 cubic metres.
Whether it's strict policing or wimpy riders, I still haven't to this day seen a cargo bike in North America or Europe carry anywhere near as much as was the norm on the streets of the Far East.

dix more than 2 years ago

cargo bikes growing

your comments about no spandex,cargo bikes will only grow,when the cities allow it to do so it can be successful and force the amount of cars off the road until all cities change the infrastucture,point 1901 in califoirnais,single lane bicycle land over the bridge into davis calif was scrapped even befoe model t ford,what does that tell you cars rule oil companies do not want bikes used aa transportaiion the cargo industry needs lobbyists,lawyers,transportation ex;erts to overall cities,it is a massiive job,this is what i am dedicating my life to do barton cohen alternative health and transporation company

barton cohen more than 2 years ago

Silly goose

Helmet promotion supports helmet laws, silly goose.

Todd Edelman more than 2 years ago

cargo bikes

As usual;I am very impressed on the intricate research you put into your writing,I hope to read a book by you someday

Gramma Sager more than 2 years ago