Sillgey Belle City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Sillgey Belle.

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The Belle features a stylish chromoly steel frame and fork, classic swept back handlebars and an alloy center-mount kickstand. The step-through frame and F-type chainguard add to its classic appearance while modern features such as high power roller brakes, Shimano Nexus HB-IM40 front hub and Shimano Nexus SG-3R40 3-speed rear hub make for functional city riding. The leather handlebars and seat finish the Belle’s elegant style.

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The simple features and fluid lines of the Belle are simple, yet classy. I absolutely LOVE how the cream-colored tires matched the color of the frame for a very stylish and feminine look.

Wish List

I found the leather handlebars to be slightly hard and uncomfortable, so grips with more padding would have been a great addition. A larger gear range would make riding in a city with hilly streets a lot more fun! Since the bike is only available through Sillgey’s online webstore this means that when it arrives you will need someone who is mechanically savvy to put it together and ensure the brakes and the cables are properly and safely installed.

Ideal Rider

The ideal rider for this bike would be the fashion-conscious biker who makes short trips around the city running errands or taking leisurely rides through the park.


Overall, the Belle is fun and stylish. It’s ideal for short trips or leisurely rides through the city.

This bike was generously put together by JV Bike in Vancouver, BC.

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