Jenna Burton Data Analyst and Founder of Red, Bike & Green

Living by Bike with Jenna Burton Data Analyst and Founder of Red, Bike & Green.

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Jenna Burton

Data Analyst / Founder of Red, Bike & Green Oakland, CA

When did you start riding your bike?

As an adult, I started riding shortly after I moved to the Bay Area, which was in 2005. I was so excited about the popularity of bike riding and how it fit so well with my lifestyle. At first, I was reluctant to start riding. The idea of biking in an urban setting was daunting. I eventually got over it, and purchased my first bike the following summer. I’ve been riding ever since.

What is your favorite place to ride your bike to?

I love riding to Point Richmond from Oakland. When I was a newcomer to the Bay Area and the bike community, I sought the company of other, more experienced riders. We frequently rode to Point Richmond and would treat ourselves to coffee at a local cafe. I still do that ride sometimes – when time permits. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Miss Ollie’s! Located in Old Oakland (901 Washington Street) and has some of the best Caribbean food around.

What is your favorite bike ride?

That’s a hard question! Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge never gets old. You can go just about anywhere from there, but I head toward the Marin Headlands. It’s such a scenic ride.

Describe the bike culture in your city.

Biking has become the ultimate artistic expression. From fixies to scrapers to BMX’s to road bikes – just about everyone has a place in the bike community.

A bike is like a reflection of one’s personal style, so a lot of folks out here are being really creative and having a lot of fun with it. Bike advocates out here work so hard to promote inclusivity that the bike scene has become really community-oriented. The culture nurtures the notion of both community and individuality.

What do you think your city could do to make cycling easier and more accessible?

My goal is to increase ridership within the Black community, so I would like to see Oakland (and the rest of the Bay Area) make more improvements toward that end. Many of our lower-income neighborhoods are predominantly car-centric. City infrastructure in these parts isn’t conducive to cycling. Several areas are currently being redeveloped, so hopefully we’ll see more bike/ pedestrian initiatives geared toward low-income and communities of color.

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