A Profile on Cleverhood: Bike Rain Capes

Cleverhood’s goal is simple: “to make great outerwear incorporating the cape profile that will extend people’s abilities to walk and ride in livable cities.”

“We want to do what we do really well and we’re always looking at refining that,” said Susan Mocarski when talking about her successful company, Cleverhood. Adamant about staying small and local, Mocarski explained the importance of refining a product that is already gaining ground. As Cleverhood continues to refine their beautifully tailored, waterproof rain capes, they are proving the point that bigger does not always mean better.

Mocarski was surprised that there wasn’t already a high-performance rain cape available for city dwellers. “My first thought was just to make [a cape] for me and in processing it, it became much more.” Cleverhood has been recognized worldwide as a stylish, innovative piece of wearable technology. One of the pioneers of the trending urban bike movement.

Staying small and local is very important to Providence, RI, resident Mocarski. She outlined the importance of having Cleverhood’s products made in the US for both environmental footprint reasons and to give a sense of community to customers. For Mocarski, the goal is to continue to maintain a small, personal company that works closely with their employees, seamstresses, designers, and customers in order to supply a quality product while continuing to successfully fill demand.

Cleverhood’s rain capes are made from a durable, waterproof membrane fabric with protective seam-sealing. Certain models, like the Electric Houndstooth and Electric Gingham, have interwoven reflective thread that brightly light up in the dark for added visibility. Details such as the fitted hood, water-resistant zippers, and elastic thumb loops that secure the cape from wind gusts while riding, illustrate Cleverhood’s simple goal “to make great outerwear incorporating the cape profile that will extend people’s abilities to walk and ride in livable cities.”

The demographic of Cleverhood’s clientele has grown organically in large part to the strategic decision on behalf of the brand to not cater to a singular “ideal rider,” but to let the brand evolve. So far, men have far outweighed women customers to the surprise and excitement of Mocarski. “When we do shows, it’s fun to see the men reacting to the capes so exuberantly!”

Without giving too much away, Mocarski described what the near future holds for Cleverhood in terms of materials, products, and the brand itself. The team at Cleverhood is working with a new material that is made from recycled fibers as well as building toward one day being able to produce their capes in several corners of the United States, bringing their local focus to even more destinations.

Speaking with Mocarski it becomes clear why Cleverhood, with its style and practicality, has been so successful. Here is a brand on a mission to not only deliver a quality product but to be personally involved in every step along the way.

The Cleverhood rain cape is now available in the Momentum Shop!


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