Finding the Perfect Fit With a Cargo Bike

A fitness instructor explains how cargo biking changed her life.

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Daniela checks the crops at an East Van community garden. Photo by David Niddrie.

It’s been more than a year now since I’ve had my Mildred (my Yuba Boda Boda cargo bike). It’s opened up a whole new world for me. A world of bike lanes, cycling gear, and new adventures! It’s also my new favorite exercise and nothing makes me happier than a brisk ride around the seawall, while I enjoy all my city of Vancouver has to offer.

Besides all of the fun stuff, my two large panniers can hold more than $100 of groceries so no need for that second car after all! I realized I don’t need a car since I discovered the Central Valley Greenway (a car-free, walking and cycling route connecting Vancouver with Burnaby and New Westminster – cities to the east). It takes me right to the wholesale supermarkets, UBC’s East Vancouver campus, a mall in nearby Burnaby, or wherever I need to go. It’s just so quick and convenient by bike.

It’s handy for work, too. I ride the Yuba to my boot camp classes after loading it up with all the equipment needed for class. Before Mildred, I would take the bus or walk but having my Yuba saves me a lot of travel time. As a bonus, my quads have never been stronger from all those hills. Oh how I love the burn!

Although it’s only been about 18 months, I feel like I’ve had her forever and I can’t believe I never rode much at all before this. As a child, I had an old bike with a banana seat I shared with my brothers and after that nothing until I was 41. Then, someone gave me an old mountain bike which I started using when our car broke down and I found I loved it! The seat was hard and it made lots of noises which made my boot camp class laugh but I thought it was better than nothing. Then I met Mildred and the rest is history.

My son has decided to ride his own bike now but he still catches the occasional ride on the back, just for fun! If you’ve never cycled, I highly recommend trying it. Test a few bikes to make sure they are comfortable and when you find that right one, grab the handlebars and go! Your life will never be the same.

Daniela Duva is the owner of Survivor Fitness with seven locations in British Columbia, Canada. She is a BCRPA Master Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Nutritionist. She currently trains in East Van bringing many of the Momentum Mag staff to her boot camp classes, even at 6am. Daniela says, “Many thanks to Mia without whom I would never have been introduced to the world of cycling!”

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  • Mark Brewster

    Outstanding! She has the passion!

    I’ve thought for a while of converting an old tandem to a cargo bike (cuz i like projects like that). Health issues put that on the back burner.

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