5 Fun Helmets for City Riding

Some of our favorite helmets for city cycling in 2014.

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  • Richard

    Sadly, these “fun” helmets are predominantly low ventilation and the helmet head they induce discourages riding on hot, humid days.

  • Graham Hill

    The product http://www.WideEyez.com was designed to fit universally to any bike helmet. It is essentially a product for all weather and riding conditions.

  • Brad

    Helmets aren’t fun. They’re a symbol of a fear of riding

  • Chris U

    Stylish and safe! Can’t beat it!

  • lagatta à montréal

    No such thing as a fun helmet. Bicycle safety comes from proper road infrastructure, not foam hats.

  • Robi

    Shouldn’t auto drivers wear these stylish numbers too?!


    How about including some covered helmets. See some attractive alternatives with sun protection at Bandboxllc.com

  • Colin Brander

    I wonder how the ventilation is on some of these helmets, as even cycling at city speeds, a poorly ventilated helmet can be quite hot on summer days, whereas a well ventilated one can be just as cool as not wearing a helmet.

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