Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap.

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PRICE €55 ($76 US)

The Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap lets you weather the rain in this wrap around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers, the Rainwrap is blissfully easy to take on and off and keeps your legs dry. A high waist avoids gaping and it can be worn on bikes with a cross bar.


A rain skirt is great for keeping your lap dry and Georgia in Dublin’s Rainwrap has some great design qualities that I have not seen in other rain skirts. On the back of the the wrap is a square of Velcro positioned at an angle to prevent the waist from getting bunched up when biking around. This gives the Rainwrap a snug, comfortable fit. It also feels like a solid piece of rain gear, that is the best part of it.

There is an elegance to wearing a rain skirt instead of waterproof pants, and the convenience of Velcroing the Rainwrap versus stepping into a pair of pants is great. However, I still can’t wait to take it all off once I arrive at my destination.

I found that there was a lot of fabric on a rain skirt that caused bunching when pedaling. There are five different sizes in the rain skirt, and quite possibly I didn’t have the right size. I would probably have loved the Rainwrap if I had a better rain jacket to go with it. Also, a nice bag to put the Rainwrap away in once I was finished wearing it would be a nice touch.

The Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap keeps my lap dry and is a good option if you are wearing a jacket rather than an poncho.

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