Liv Areva 24″ Kids Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Giant Liv Areva 24 kids bike.

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Areva Liv 24"



The Liv Areva 24 features an ALUXX-Grade aluminum frame and a 7-speed rear external gear system. The frame features increased stand-over clearance for confident riding and front suspension for off-road explorations.


Recognizing that the needs of female riders can be different from males, Giant developed a line of female specific bicycles under the brand name, Liv. The Liv Areva is specifically designed for young girls, and a good transition bike for children going from a smaller kid’s bike on their way to an adult frame. It’s relatively light with 7 speeds, and is sportier for girls looking for a bike good for trails and recreational riding.


The bicycle is great for trail and recreational riding, but doesn’t work for everyday urban cycling as it’s missing fenders and a chainguard.


This bicycle is ideal for young girls looking for a sporty bicycle without shocks and the weight that goes with a mountain bike. It’s a good option for girls who need a bike that’s good for riding trails, as the tires are a little fatter, but is still okay for riding on the street once in a while. This bike is for anyone looking for a sports and recreation bike, not a city bike.


The Liv Areva 24 was good bike, but didn’t suit the needs of this rider. It was a bit too heavy for getting up hills, and the handlebar shifter made it difficult to change gears. Without fenders and a chainguard, it makes everyday, all weather cycling difficult, and the hunched forward positioning put a lot of strain on the wrists and back, even for a young rider. Overall, this is not the bike of choice because it needs to be a bike that’s comfortable enough to ride everyday to school, classes, and to hang out with friends.

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