Lazer Armor Deluxe Fabric Helmet Review

Momentum Mag reviews Lazer Armor Deluxe Fabric Helmet.



The Lazer Armor Deluxe helmet has multiple thickness padding and a comfortable shape with leather straps, magnetic clasps, and channel ventilation. This helmet is CPSC certified and available in sizes Small to Large in a variety of colors.


Lazer’s Armor Deluxe helmet is a great product and I use it every time I bike. The fit and look is not big and bulky like many other helmets but looks cool and is perfect for urban cycling.


I had disliked bike helmets until I tried this one. It’s lightweight, durable, comfortable, strong, and not at all bulky. Depending on how the helmet fits on your head there are two different fabric padding inserts that can help you find the perfect fit and are easily removed. Inside the helmet, there are 16 vents to keep your head cool in the summer or on a long ride. I even use it for snowboarding!

Lily Holman previously worked at Momentum Mag as a photo editing intern. @LilyHPhoto

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