Ostrich Dlx Pannier Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Ostrich Dlx Pannier.

PRICE: $165.99

FIND IT AT: somafab.com

Constructed from durable canvas, leather, and metal hardware, the Ostrich Dlx Pannier is made to last. Available in Army Green color, this pannier has a capacity of 13 liters. Panniers sold individually.


This is a very attractive canvas bag with great detailing including criss-cross stitching in white running up both sides of the bag, leather accents, and a rucksack style opening and closing mechanism. Although not huge, you can easily fit a laptop and the other essential items you need to carry you through your day.


This bag worked perfectly through the summer, but as I was riding home in the rain for the first time in months, I realized that I needed something water-resistant or waterproof to protect the bag and my belongings. I would also like the ability to purchase the pannier in a larger size. My bike is my car and, more often than not, I’m carrying groceries, an exercise outfit, and a laptop, so it would be great to be able to carry more in the pannier. Or, I guess I could maybe just get two.


The Ostrich Dlx Pannier is an eye-catching bag that dresses up any bike and gets noticed by other riders. For anyone looking for a product to get them through some serious rainy day riding, I wouldn’t recommend the Ostrich Dlx, but to anyone else, I would heartily recommend it.

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