Parker Dusseau: An Evolution in Classic Sportswear

The Parker Dusseau inaugural collection features structured and slim silhouettes crafted from high performance, weather-resistant natural fabrics.

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Vaughn Brown grew up watching his uncle, Parker Dusseau, touch the lives of everyone he met with his passion for living. After Parker’s passing in 2005, Brown sought a way to honor his memory, ultimately developing a line of performance menswear.

Dusseau, a Harvard MBA graduate-come-commercial banker, moved to San Francisco and took to experiencing all that Northern California living had to offer: road cycling, sailing, skiing, fine wine, cooking, hunting, and fly fishing. Whether at work or play, Dusseau was always “smartly” dressed for the occasion.

Comprised of four essential pieces, The Commuter Suit, The Commuter Dress Shirt, The Classic Work Shirt, and The Commuter Chino, the Parker Dusseau inaugural collection features structured and slim silhouettes crafted from high-performance, weather-resistant natural fabrics that provide function while offering the elegant look and feel of natural fibers.

We spoke to Brown to learn more:

Why did you decide to create Parker Dusseau?

Vaughn Brown: A few reasons. I wanted to create activewear and outdoor apparel for people who want their pieces to function yet want an alternative to an ‘outdoorsy’ type of aesthetic. I also very much wanted to honor my late uncle, the namesake of the brand, and the energy and joy of living that he brought to me and my family. He was instrumental in getting me involved in outdoor sports when I was a kid and kickstarting the lifestyle I live today.

How has Northern California influenced your designs?

VB: San Francisco is a unique place – we’re blessed to have a thriving urban center, surrounded by unbridled nature. I love the combination of those two things and the energy that both of them bring to the area. The designs reflect a lifestyle that simultaneously lives in both places.

Why did you choose to emphasize natural fabrics in the line?

VB: From a design perspective, our primary goal is to intersect fashion and function, giving both equal weight. From a materials perspective, my preference is the look and feel of natural fibers – cottons, linens, wools, etc. – over synthetics so we are going to continue to strive to satisfy that aesthetic. We also realize that there are properties in synthetics that can’t be matched by natural fibers so we’ll continue to look at fabrics that deliver the best of both worlds.

Who did you have in mind when creating the Commuter Suit?

VB: My uncle. He was an on the go guy – at work one moment, at play the next. Always in motion. That is who this suit is for.

What do you enjoy most about riding in the Bay Area?

VB: We have an amazing community of riders here – road, mountain, urban, whatever – so I love it from a social perspective. I also love the terrain – I primarily ride in Marin County which has amazingly difficult climbs, plunging ocean views, and undulating rollers surrounded by pastureland. It’s incredible. What’s hard to imagine is that there are about 6 more of these zones within an hour of the city proper. I’m biased but I think we live in what could possibly be the best cycling city in the world.

What’s next for Parker Dusseau?

I’m super excited about the future. I’ve teamed up with some of the great guys that were early on at Chrome and together we’ll be creating some more technical pieces for Fall that still have the Parker Dusseau aesthetic. We’ve also teamed up with some great retailers – both cycling and menswear – around the country so I’m looking forward to growing with them and adding other great partners.

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