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Meet style blogger Naomi Davis.

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Momentum‘s Style Editor, Molly Millar, sits down with bike style blogger Naomi Davis for a chat.

What three things do you never leave the house without when heading off on your bike?

Well, these days I don’t leave the house without Eleanor. 😉  I always bring along this bike bag, called The Sac by Linus, which is awesome since it clips onto the back of Eleanor’s bike seat so I don’t have to carry a big bag over my shoulder while biking. And since my last bike was stolen, I’m always sure to carry my bike lock.   

What’s the coolest new piece of clothing, accessory or gear that you’ve seen this year? It can be related to cycling but doesn’t have to be. 

This may be old news, but I recently discovered all the fun bike helmets by Nutcase. I never thought of a helmet as a cute accessory before, but now I can!

All time favorite bike ride?  

Whether we’re taking the bikes out to grab brunch together on a Saturday morning or just to go for a ride around the district, my favorite bike rides are the ones taken with my family. 

What is your blog about?  

I write a lifestyle blog documenting bits and pieces of life in Washington D.C. with my husband, 1 year old daughter, Eleanor, and english bulldog, Kingsley.  

What kind of bike do you ride? 

I ride the Dutchi bike by Linus. I absolutely love it.   🙂

What do you use your bike for? 

I use my bike to get around DC, to run a couple of errands each week when the weather permits or take a leisure bike ride with my little daughter, Eleanor. I prefer taking her out on my bike over the car because I love seeing how happy and content she can be taking in her surroundings on the bike.  I think she really enjoys it, and that makes me happy.

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  • Robert

    Why do you wish this? Because riding a bicycle is an inherent threat?

    Sometimes, I just get sick and tired of the helmet police co-opting The culture of cycling as dangerous and a risk. Molly is perfectly fine without. Just because someone else is afraid of something doesn’t mean everyone else should cower in fear.

  • Devon

    wish she was wearing a helmet…..

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