Strider PREbike Balance Bike Review

Everything you need to get your children started in discovering their sense of balance.

Strider PREbike

$110 USD, 129 CAD,

The Strider PREbike weighs 7 lbs and depending on their height, is suitable for kids aged 1-5. Its frame is made of aluminum and the tires are 12 inches and made of an EVA polymer.


The Strider PREbike has everything you need to get your child started in discovering their sense of balance. The handle bars have solid grip ends that will survive being dropped and scraped on the pavement. The EVA foam tires mean you never have to worry about the tires being flat. The stand over height is quite low, which means if you are inclined to start early you’ll be able to.


The headset does not have bearings. We found this to make steering little stiff at times. Over time it started to wear in and work well after some use. The reality is that this is not really an issue given that children are going to outgrow the bike before they get too heavy.

Ideal Rider

Young children who are keen to skip the tricycle and start learning to balance.


The lightness of this bike is great. It makes your child’s first bike a fun experience and when they get tired, it can easily be carried home on top of your stroller. The first time our daughter got on this bike she was 18 months old. She was delighted by the sight of it, she loved the bright coloured frame and she wanted to try to ride it every day even though she couldn’t properly stand over it until she was 2 years old. 

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Gwendal Castellan is an Energy Advisor who travels to most of his appointments using his Larry vs. Harry Bullitt cargo bicycle.

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