Biria CitiClassic Sport i3 City Bike Review

As part of the 2014 City Bike City Life Look Book, Momentum Mag reviews the Biria CitiClassic Sport i3 city bike.

PRICE: $640


The Biria CitiClassic Sport i3 features a chromoly and hi-ten steel frame with matching partial chainguard and fenders. Built with 700c wheels, Shimano Nexus 3-gear shifter, kickstand, and rear rack, this bike is made ready for the city streets. Available in size 46 cm or 55 cm and in Nickle Silver.


Everyone knows that shopping for the right bike can be a real drag, but getting on the Biria CitiClassic Sport i3 for the first time, you’ll find your silver lining—this is a hot bike. And what’s more, its slick Nickel Silver finish is a total eye-catcher, giving it a raw edge that belies the fact that it is actually an easy, comfortable, and approachable bike. CitiClassic Sport i3 has a great upright seating posture and is generally a smooth and supple ride.


This bike has three speeds, but ideally it would have five, just to give it that extra “oomf” up the hills. And, once you fix a basket to the rear rack, the bike becomes a little bit heavy, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except to those like me who have to carry it up five flights of stairs to the apartment or office.


This is definitely one for the city biker who has classic sensibilities but wants contemporary flair. Its great for those who want to bomb around town and look good while doing it. And, equipped with an internal-gear hub, aluminum rear rack, fenders, chainguard, and kickstand, the Biria CityClassic Sport i3 has all the essentials to get you to your destination and beyond.


The Biria CityClassic Sport i3 is the bike on which to see and be seen. Its subtle shine will turn heads, and the ease of its ride will ensure you look cool and collected when that hottie next to you in the bike lane casts their glance your way.

Craig David Long is the design director for Farmboy Fine Arts, an international art consulting firm that builds site-specific art collections for hospitality and corporate spaces. Craig’s ride from exhibition opening to exhibition opening on his Biria CityClassic Sport i3 has proven to become his own artful expression of the weekly gallery hop.

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