Tern Roji Bikes Go Global

Tern’s Roji bike collection features unique geometry optimized for urban streets

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Tern Roji Bicycle Surge LTD

We have seen a lot of Tern bikes come through our office doors but their latest line of bikes are an exciting evolution of their bike designs. We know Tern for their reliable folding bicycles that are also quick to accelerate so you can keep up to your friends during a weekend ride and fold in seconds for easy storage. We won’t even get started on the game changing Cargo Node and latest electric folding Vektron. Now Tern is once again defying expectations with the global release of its Roji bike collection.

Tern has recently announced distribution of their Roji bike collection—traditional diamond frames with 650c, 700c and 451 wheels—to markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Following global demand for the Japan-only product line, select models of the new family of Tern bikes will be available starting Spring 2017 in cities including New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Buenos Aires.

“At Tern, we’re committed to building one of the world’s leading urban cycling brands,” said Joshua Hon, Founder and Team Captain of Tern. “As we develop more product offerings in folding, electric and cargo, it’s a natural progression to bring our design philosophy to classic city bikes as well. The Roji collection has been a runaway success in Japan, and we can’t wait to bring it to the rest of the world.” Thanks to smaller wheels, they’re a great fit for tight spaces, and with simple gearing and a host of cargo carrying accessories, they’re versatile yet low maintenance. Let’s just go ahead and tick a few more boxes of our city bicycle checklist.


The 2017 Roji lineup builds on last year’s 650c and 700c offerings with two new 451 mini velos, the Tern Crest, and the hydroformed Tern Surge. What is a mini velo you might be wondering? They are a hybrid design combining traditional road frames with compact wheels that you might typically see on a folding bike. Recently these bikes have seen an explosion of popularity across Asia’s megacities, where space is at a premium. As space in North America’s urban centers also shrinks compact bicycles and storage solutions are needed more than ever. The Surge delivers the benefits of 451 wheels, including punchy acceleration and portability, with the rigidity and light weight of a hydro-formed diamond frame. “Our new Surge and Crest bikes are optimized for urban riding,” continued Hon. “What makes them great for Tokyo—size, performance, maneuverability and style—makes them perfect for New York too.”

Together with the international launch of Roji, Tern is piloting a new project for 2017—small batch productions of limited Roji designs, sporting radical styling and specs. The Surge LTD, the flagship of the new project, features tri-spoke carbon fiber wheels, custom drop bars, and a global production run of only 50 units. “Every time we post a teaser of the Surge LTD to our Facebook or Instagram accounts, it breaks the internet,” laughed Hon. “The showpiece tri-spoke wheels are a bit of a flourish, but they shave grams off the stock model, and offer a significant improvement in overall aerodynamics. They look pretty good too.”

Check out the Roji bike collection hitting the global market:

Tern Roji Rip


The Rip is designed in the spirit of functional minimalism. With sleek deep-v rims and sharply angled frame tubes, the Rip cuts a clean line through the city. With riser handlebars it’s easy to maneuver through urban canyons. With a simple 1x drivetrain, it has all the gears you need, but nothing more, from the back alleys of Osaka to San Francisco’s Market Street.


tern roji rally


The Rally is all in the details–the closer you look, the better it gets. From the 1” polished quill stem, to leather grips, and classic silver crankset, it’s timeless bike design, with a modern touch. Best of all, it’s available in 650c and 700 wheel sizes, so it looks and rides equally well in small and big sizes.


The Clutch is a clear expression of the Roji design spirit: minimal yet functional urban bikes. It’s designed in Japan, and it comes in a range of sizes from 42 to 58 cm. Small bikes are built around 650c wheels, while big bikes are built around 700c. That means it looks balanced and handles comfortably, no matter the frame size. With semi-aero tubing, and urban riser bars, it’s ready for any and all city riding.



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