Tern Eclipse X20 Review

We review the Eclipse X20, Tern’s “Pirate Ninja” folding bike.

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Tern Eclipse X20 Review

PRICE $2,200 USD

FIND IT AT tern.com

TELL YOUR FRIENDS Folding bikes come with a certain image – not with the Eclipse. Even your first glance tells you this is different, serious, daring you to try it. Its two tone black (yes, that’s right) cloaks a well-proportioned folding bike. The team at Tern then added a top flight class of components to reinforce the performance capabilities of the bike.

This bike is not just looks and components – it performs. The Eclipse can be easily adjusted for a rider to attack hills or flats, the downtown core, or long stretches of open road. I had no trouble pulling over 40km/h on a flat road, and over 50km/h on flats. Then, with the flip of a couple of quick releases, you can ease to a cantor as you explore your surroundings – at night of course.

The Eclipse is a bike that provides a great riding experience, period. While the look is what jumps out at you first, it’s the ride that sells you on the bike. The bike is easy to set up to fit your size and riding style, allowing you to ride endlessly and effortlessly. The bike’s premium components deliver an exceptional experience, from accelerating through shifting and braking. The Schwable Kojak tires look, create, and provide the right balance of road contact and grip. As you would expect from a Tern, folding is a snap and the bike’s weight is a non-issue.

WISH LIST  It’s hard to define any other features needed on this bike, with the exception of a fender option if you want them, given the unique sizing and configuration of the bike.

SUMMARY The ideal rider is an urban charger, someone who loves the dense urban jungle and wants to attack it with vigour by day or night. No space is too daunting on this bike. The Tern Eclipse is an incredible bike. While the outward identity is muted by the sheer fact of being a foldable, make no mistake – this bike means business, and it’s exhilarating to try it.


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