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YNOT Portage Pannier Review



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The YNOT Portage Pannier looks like a handsome, somewhat subtle messenger bag, acceptable in most office environments. But don’t let looks fool you, this bag is a proper pannier too. After commuting to work through foul and fair weather, stuffing far too much junk into it, this bag did it all in style. The YNOT pannier is surprisingly capacious – a large laptop, SLR camera, lunch, sweater, and other accessories all fit without any damage. The exterior material is water resistant and handled many rainy Vancouver days with no leaks. The attachment system is quick and intuitive, there is no struggling with cords, simply lift the handle and the clips open to attach or release from your pannier rack.

There is only one noticeable challenge with this pannier. It only has one small pocket inside, leaving you riffling through the cavernous main compartment to find your stuff. Other than that, it has has been a pleasure to use.

This pannier is ideal for a commuter who is looking for that perfect blend between fashion and function for bringing their stuff to work. This is for those who ride in jeans, not spandex.

The YNOT pannier has, and continues to be, one of the best improvements to my commute. It allows me to bring way too much stuff to work in style, without having to awkwardly carry a bag, and can handle all the weather and situations I throw at it. On top of it all, it is made in Canada.

Sean Braacx is a (mostly) year-round commuter who loves being on two wheels and can’t bike slowly. His daily ride takes him through downtown Vancouver, or on nice days, along the waterfront.


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