April 14, 2014

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Your husband?

Hello, I really enjoyed your article. I really appreciated your analogy of becoming addicted to the automobile similar to the way you became addicted to the TV while it was in your house.

I was just wondering about your husband's take on being car free. Does he enjoy living a car free life as much as you do? Is he as committed to being car free as you are? I'm just wondering because, since you are a couple, his thoughts come into play as well. Thank you.

Love my bike 246 days ago

A Committed Hubs!

Thanks so much, I am glad you enjoyed it! My husband actually lived car free for the 4 years before we met and while we were dating. I spent a few years living in NYC and was car-free, but that seemed a little different, as almost everyone there lives without one. Even a place like Portland, where there is a small percentage of people living car-free it had not occurred to me that I could live without one. Growing up here with a car I was stuck in habit and assumed that’s just how you live. Biking was just something I did in my little neighborhood to go get coffee and see friends.

When we were dating I knew it was a dream of his to have a family and live without a car, however after he expressed it once or twice I never heard much about it again. I think he knew it would never work unless I was on the same exact page. We had many conversations over the years about how the car seemed to be a barrier for authentic to community and rich relationships. We both found ourselves complaining all the time about how unhappy we were in the car, waiting in traffic, spending money on gas, etc. Soon we both came to very similar conclusions about owning a car, and one random day, I said I wanted to try living without one. He was over the moon, maybe a little surprised that I was willing try it in a part of the country where it might seem impossible.

So, in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t be living this way if I had not met my husband, and yet today, with or without him, I would still choose to live car free. This decision has completely transformed the way I see the world, and I wouldn’t want to go back!

Erin 238 days ago