Norco City Glide 24″ Kids Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Norco City Glide 24″.

PRICE: $355 USD/ $405 CAD


The Norco City Glide 24″ is the junior version of Norco’s popular City Glide city bike. Built with an alloy frame, 18-speed Shimano shifter, and 24″ wheels. Intended for children ages 9-12.


The Norco City Glide is a good transition bike for children going from a smaller kid’s bike on their way to an adult frame, but who are not looking for a mountain bike. It is relatively light, and 18 speeds makes it easier to conquer steeper inclines.


While this is a pretty good bike, it is missing all the accessories needed for a daily city rider. To make the bike better, it needs fenders, a chainguard, rear rack, as well as more upright handlebars instead of the very straight ones that it has.


This bicycle is ideal for young children who ride frequently, but are not looking for shocks and the weight that goes with a mountain bike. It is a good option for young children who need a bike that can be good for riding trails, but are still okay riding on the street once in a while.


The Norco City Glide 24” was a fine bike, but did not meet my needs as a rider. It rode well, but the handle shifters were a bit stiff making it hard to gear down when going up bigger hills. Without fenders and a chain guard, it makes every day, all weather cycling difficult, and the hunched forward positioning put a lot of strain on my wrists and back. Overall, this is not my bike of choice because it needs to be a bike that’s comfortable enough to ride everyday to school, classes, and to hang out with friends.

Coralie is eight years old and lives in Vancouver, BC with her mom, dad and younger brother. She has been riding bicycles since she was two years old, and loves going for rides with her friends and family to the local beaches.

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