December 13, 2012

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9 year-old cycles to school

I live in Silver Spring, MD. We get similar winters (harsher summers) and my 9 year-old daughter also cycles to school with me every day, rain, snow or shine. The only thing that stops us is if the school closes due to bad weather. She's been cycling to school since she was in 3rd grade, and she would have been doing so before that, if we had lived more than 100 yards from the school. Currently, we cycle 2 miles to school, which takes my daughter about 20 minutes.

Ian Brett Cooper more than 1 year ago

Inspiration to all us Icy Bikers

Such and awesome story. Here in Colorado, we have an Icy Bike commuting challenge: - we would LOVE to have Kaelob and his dad as part of the group. It has been an experience for all of us - many of us first commuting during the winter. Always extra inspiration to see the kids getting out there and doing it! Good on you both!!!

Lanette more than 1 year ago

Mine, too!

This article might just as well have been written about my little nine year old year-round commuter... he will argue he is almost ten, too, given half the chance. I've been riding year round for over twenty five years, and have raised two boys to live the bike life.

They don't think twice about riding in the rain, sleet or snow. It's really just a question of how you approach things. It's not about "Should I ride today?" It's "How can we be comfortable no matter what the weather?"

babble on more than 1 year ago

Tiny Commuter

This reminds me of the tiny commuter we have at the daycare of my college in Toronto. Almost everyday you'll see a little kettler tricycle, complete with a ladybug bell, locked up to the posts with the big bikes. I'm sure it's only a few blocks, rain or shine the little bike is out there. I've seen him getting ready for the ride home in his full-body red snowsuit in the winter, it's so cute. The more we promote our younger generation to ride the better.

Genessa more than 2 years ago

My son and I were like Jesse and Kaelob

We live in Santa Rosa, CA and I started taking my son to school on our tandem bicycle when he was barely able to reach the pedals. But when a fellow parent got out of his car in front of the school and began shouting and then chasing me as I turned around to ride home I said, enough is enough. But I didn't learn my lesson because this year, two years later, we were back riding to school and in the three months since September, we've been threatened by a substitute teacher and fellow parent while walking our bikes on campus, shouted at by the school crossing guard for no good reasons twice, and challenged to a fight by an auto mechanic and the shop owner after almost being run over by one of his customers turning right in front of us into his shop. In the middle of November my son went back to riding the bus to school.

JC more than 2 years ago


My 3 yr old grandson and I cycle to pay school. He s currently on a balance bike. . Its a mle and a half an today it was pouring down. The staff thought I was bieng cruel but I want him to enjoy and appreciate the bike in all weathers. He can go really fast on hs bike and he loves it -rain and all. Bikes are just great

Parkywife more than 2 years ago

My cycling hero

Kaelob - you outdo most adults by cycling in the cold and wet weather. You make us fair-weather commuters look like wimps - and we are! Bravo Kiddo!
And good on you, Dad! What a wonderful role model.

Marjorie more than 2 years ago

Cycling ambasasador

Such an inspiring story! Keep it up, Kaelob (and your Dad)! You are showing everyone it can be done. Thanks for sharing.

Janet more than 2 years ago