Children’s Book Inspires a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Jack and Corinne Wlody’s book teaches and inspires families to make better lifestyle choices.

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Children's book about bicycle and healthy living

Jack and Corinne Wlody, aka Team Wlody, the Acclaimed Lifestyle Transformation Experts, who have a passion for revitalizing the lives of their clients, improving their community, and the world, have just published their first book, The The Dog Who Saved Pleasantville, a “Tail” of Lifestyle Choices for Kids and Their Parents.

Lifestyle choices, healthy eating, exercise, bike riding, caring for our environment and moral lessons are all wrapped up in this fun, illustrated, educational book.  It will create a dialogue, and get both kids and parents excited to be proactively involved in their own food choices and activities, while fostering awareness about how to treat our planet. Everyone should have a chance to grow up strong and healthy and to be able to pursue their dreams!

“As a parent I know that it’s easy to find books that will entertain your children; but it’s very rare to find one that they’ll love, which will teach them important life lessons and empower them to make good choices for the preservation of our planet and themselves,” said Ken Podziba, President & CEO of Bike New York.  “The Dog Who Saved Pleasantville” will take your children on a special adventure with Kato and his human parents that will guide them on a path to healthier eating.”

The book was a collaboration between Jack and Corinne who discussed plots, characters, and relevant subjects, then Corinne put it into story form. Afterward they would edit and make changes together. Corinne illustrated the 58 page book, cover to cover. This was a true labor of love.

“We’re excited that through our entertaining, ground breaking book, we’ll teach and inspire families to make better lifestyle choices. Our Motto is: If you want things to change and improve, you’ve got to be the solution. Everything we do is based on that,” says Team Wlody

Half of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Bike New York, a non-profit organization which promotes and encourages bicycling and bicycle safety through education, community outreach and events.

Book Synopsis: 
It all began when Sugarman’s processed food factory came to town. The people of Pleasantville have been slowly transformed into a zombie-like existence from eating Sugarman’s products. The once green rolling hills have turned brown and the lakes and streams have become polluted!

Traveling across the country are Kato and his human parents known as Team Wlody. They notice Dark Murky Muck lurking in the sky over Pleasantville, so they stop to see what’s causing it.

What they find can happen anywhere.

They set about to help their new friends Jake and Karen restore health and vitality to the people of the town, clean the environment, and turn the greedy owner of a processed food company, into an enlightened and generous man!

The books are available in Softcover on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the ebook is available on iTunes. It can also be purchased from their link at Bookbaby.com

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