Pure City Cycles’ The Langdon City Bike Review

As part of our mail order bikes series from Momentum Mag issue 66 July/ August 2014, Melissa Bruntlett reviews Pure City Cycles’ The Langdon single-speed city bike.

PRICE $399 (Single speed) / $499 (3-Speed)

FIND IT AT purecitycycles.com

AVAILABLE IN US and Canadian stores and online

Pure City Cycle’s The Langon city bike features a Dutch-style frame that seats you in a comfortable upright position. Included accessories are fenders, bell, kickstand, reflectors, rear rack, leather grips, and leather sprung saddle. Available in single-speed or 3-speed version with Shimano Nexus Twist Shifter and in sizes 43 cm (with 26” 30mm deep dish wheels) or 45 cm (with 700c 30mm deep dish wheels).


I loved the sleekness of this bike with its shiny white finish and contrasting metal hardware. The matching white fenders really gave the bike a complete look.


For my needs in a hilly city I found that the 3-speed model would have been more appropriate than that single-speed model I was using. I would also have appreciated a double kickstand because as soon as I added any weight to the front or back, which I often did, the bike would tip.


This bike is perfect for a rider looking for a lightweight, upright city bike that will easily get them around town without fuss. Whether it’s commuting on a relatively flat route to work or running errands, the Langdon handled it well. This is a great bike for a lazy Sunday rides around town, to the waterfront, or just to the park to hang out with friends.


I had fun riding this bike around town. Even though gears would have been nice, it was still easy enough to make my commute to work and other small journeys. Having to worry about gearing up and down was a welcome change. The riding position was not as upright as I’m accustomed to, or would like, as I could feel the pressure on my wrists and lower back by the end of my ride. That being said, the Langdon would be a great transition bike for anyone looking to switch to an upright city bike. Overall, I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone interested in a good, easy to ride city bike with no fuss and all the bells and whistles!

Melissa Bruntlett lives in Vancouver, BC and happily rides an upright bicycle throughout the city with her husband and two children. She writes about her car-free lifestyle at velofamilydiaries.blogspot.ca. @velofamilyYVR 

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