Ready to Roll – Stylish Rain Gear

When it rains, it pours… But Momentum found some stylish rain gear to keep you dry this fall/ winter/ spring.

By Molly Millar

You know the routine. You scan the horizon for rainclouds, checking the forecast for showers. When the easy, breezy months of summer cycling are over, we know we have to take cycling one day at a time. And if today was nice, tomorrow will probably be pouring rain.

But this is no longer the problem it once was. In our pursuit of stylish riding raingear, we came across several coats that make us almost wish for rain. I said almost…

Up until now, it seemed like there were two choices for rain gear: the gear that kept you dry, but made you look like a guest on What Not to Wear, and the gear that looked good, but had you soaked through the minute you were outside.

After an exhaustive and oh, so enjoyable raincoat search, we came across several raincoats that are specially-made for cyclists and that also took our fashion-forward breath away.

Each coat has a slightly different approach to keeping the rider dry and trés chic. For example, we are in love with the cuff holes in the Madame de Pe’s raincoat, which help keep hands dry without hindering bike steering. The insulated Arc’teryx Sinter coat uses a warm yet unobtrusive lining, resulting in a jacket with a streamlined silhouette that can also withstand the elements inherent to fall/ winter biking.

What a wonderful time to be an urban cyclist in the city.

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