Spurcycle Ringer Bell Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Spurcycle Ringer Bell.


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In September 2013, the Spurcycle team successfully funded the Ringer Bell via Kickstarter, surpassing their initial funding goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bell’s minimalist design fits most handlebars and works as well mounted on a city bike as it does on a road or mountain bike. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass for years of rust-proof use. Made in the USA.


The Spurcycle Ringer Bell works when wet! While the ring is a little dampened, the bell is still loud enough to announce your presence in the rain. The simple design keeps the bell from rattling over bumps, the ring is loud yet pleasant, and did I mention it still rings when wet?


It may seem strange that I will often talk in excited tones about the Ringer Bell. While the durable and attractive materials, a combination of stainless steel and aluminum for the base and wire actuator with a brass hammer, are excellent features, it is the bell’s charming ring, one that is loud without sounding crass, that I find most impressive. After a few rings, I was quickly able to modulate the sound without a single misfire. On paths, a soft touch emits an attention-grabbing ring that I found most people responded positively to. On noisy city streets, adding a little more pressure to my ring made driver’s heads swivel to attention. And this is as true in the summer sun as it is in an intense downpour. The bell’s compact size allowed it to fit in and around shifters and brake levers and still be comfortably accessible to my thumb. Overall, the Spurcycle Ringer Bell is a handsome little bell with a big sound and durable make.

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