5 Awesome E-Bikes to Get You Moving

From a comfortable city cruiser to a high-powered racer, these new e-bikes will get you where you need to go, quickly.

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  • Juan Carlos

    There are also other options to buying an electric bike like converting your existing pedal bike to an electric bike. Clean Republic offers several different kits which is just changing out your front tire for theirs which has a motorized hub, connecting the cables and off you go. Takes about 20 minutes or so to hook up and a lot cheaper than these electric bikes.

  • Pat Malone

    These are all very expensive for what they’re offering and in comparison to other options that are already in the market. You can find great alternatives on Indiegogo right now like flux electric bikes which have better prices and still very decent features like a 250w mid-motor, hydraulic disc brakes, shimano gears, 17a battery at about $1200 the cheapest and $2000 the mountain biking model.

    Electric bikes need to be more affordable so people can start really using them instead of the cars!!!

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