Riding a Bike with Two Children with Lisa Logan

“Cycling is a way of life for me and it makes getting around easy and fun,” said Toronto-based mother and freelance architectural photographer Lisa Logan.


“One child does not mean only one seat is needed as friends, cousins, and play dates need to get around too! I am riding a Raleigh 3-speed with a TykeToter front seat and Bobike Junior children’s rear seat.”


“While looking through photos of European cycling families to find exciting and new child seats and bikes, I was often very disappointed that, as a Canadian buyer, my choices would be very limited. Bicycles coming into Canada have exorbitant duties that leave most retailers unable to afford to bring in many of the European-made kids bike seats.”


“Cycling is a way of life for me and it makes getting around easy and fun, and that certainly remains true with a child. They learn and grow to love cycling, eager to ride their own bike. Walking, driving, and public transportation are all options too, but we almost always choose cycling, distance and weather permitting, all year round. While I may have chosen cycling more often before having a child, it has remained my primary choice for urban destinations.”


“Don’t over-research. Get a setup that works first, and most importantly, for you, the rider. The parent should always choose what suits their lifestyle and comfort. Kids are very adaptable, and while they may scream or squirm the first time on a new seat, they will most likely quickly grow to love it.”

Lisa Logan is a mother and freelance architectural photographer based in Toronto, ON. lisalogan.ca

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  • Ed

    Make sure your young passenger can’t get a foot into the spokes. A friend had her daughter do this, got her heel into the rear wheel and suffered a painful injury. the good news is she recovered well, does not show any obvious effect 30+ years later.

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