Knog Blinder 1 and 4 Bike Light Reviews

Momentum Mag reviews the Knog Blinder 1 and 4 bike lights. reviews Knog Blinder 1 and 4


PRICE Blinder 1 $29.95 USD

PRICE Blinder 4 $44.95 USD

The Knog Blinder 4 has four bright LED lights that provide ample light to use as your every day lights. The Knog Blinder 1, with just one LED, provides “be seen” light and can be used as a backup. Both models are secured by flexible silicone straps. USB-rechargeable. Available in many different colors and designs to match your bike.


These lights are easy to attach to handlebars and seat posts and when not in use are small enough to throw in your bag. Fun and bright, these lights are rechargeable with an integrated USB connector.


It would be great if these lights had a way of attaching to a rear rack. For shorter riders, seat posts are not extended high enough to allow the light to be seen with a rear rack. The test models I used had a subtle charge indicator light that made it hard to tell when the charge was running out. For more recent models, Knog has increased the visibility of the charge light. I also found when I was charging the lights they took up quite a bit of real estate on the side of my laptop, but Knog’s new lights will come with a USB extension cable which also solve this issue.


The Knog Blinder is my removable bike light of choice for it’s sharp design and user friendliness. While battery life was okay, I’d consider purchasing a back-up pair of Blinder 1 front and rear lights that you can keep handy for times when you didn’t leave yourself enough charge to ride home.

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  • Dagmar

    What you didn’t mention is the fact that they eat batteries like nothing I’ve seen before, and that the switch breaks after about six weeks.

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