Miele Corsica City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Miele Corsica city bike.

PRICE $559.99 CAD

FIND IT AT mielebicycles.com

AVAILABLE in Canadian shops and online

The Canadian-designed Miele Corsica offers a comfortable upright sitting position supported by wide-set handlebars, kickstand, chainguard, steel fenders, a comfortable leather saddle with chrome springs and rivets, and a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internal-gear hub with Sturmey-Archer Rapid Fire 5-speed shifter. Miele guarantees its Miele Hiten steel frames for their lifetime to the first owner.


The Miele Corsica is a handsome bicycle with a nostalgic look that does not require giving up modern technologies. Telling your friends how little you spent on the bicycle is the cherry on top. The Miele Corsica delivers fantastic value.


This bicycle lacks a bit of finesse when it comes to the finer details, which is perhaps how Miele has kept the price low. The leather used for the handlebar grips and seat could be upgraded, the stitching on the grips reinforced, and the vintage CP pedals with rubber blocks also upgraded.


If comfort, cost, and classic styling are your criteria, then this is the bicycle for you.


Sometimes you hop on a bicycle and right away you know it’s the one for you. As described on the Miele website, their urban bicycles allow you to “rediscover the pleasure to ride your bike for the ride, the adventure, or the daily commute,” and you can feel it from the minute you take your first spin. The Corsica is light, yet sturdy and goes to show that you don’t need to sacrifice quality to be affordable.

Craig David Long is a freelance writer, editor, creative director, and digital strategist. Having devoted much of his professional life to documenting the people and places that make his city remarkable, Craig’s bicycle has become the conduit to that which is yet to be discovered. @craigdavidlong    craigdavidlong.tumblr.com  


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