Schwinn Rendezvous 1 Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Schwinn Rendezvous 1 city bike.

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AVAILABLE in US, Canada, and UK independent bike stores

The Schwinn Rendezvous 1 has a step-through, steel frame with an easy going upright riding position. The bike includes comfort stitch grips with Sturmey-Archer twist shifters, a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internal-gear hub, built-in bell, front rack with wine bottle holder, matching fenders, and chainguard.


This bike is full of style and comfort. I get compliments almost every time I ride it. The Rendezvous 1 comes with some great city-ready features at a decent price-point. This is an ideal introductory city bike that also works as a summer cruiser with a bit more functionality.


I found the twist shifters difficult to use, especially with sweaty hands. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been spoiled by my Brooks England saddle, but I found the stock saddle uncomfortable and ended up swapping it for a sprung leather model.


This is a bike designed to let you sit up and look around while you ride. If comfort, cost, and classic styling are your criteria, then this is the bicycle for you.


I feel elegant as I rode on the Rendezvous 1 and once I changed the saddle the rides were always oh-so-comfortable. It’s a great city-ready bicycle for ladies who are looking for something that is easy, well-designed, and at an affordable price for day-to-day trips. While not every feature the bike came with was right for me, they may be perfect for others. If not, I found it simple to customize to my liking.

This bicycle was generously put together by JV Bikes bike store

Sandra Allen loves to show biking as a simple & fun way to get around as a cycling educator for kids and adults. When not pedaling, Sandra enjoys crafting, vegan baking and reading mystery novels in the sunshine. @Castleofthesea

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