Topeak Child Seat Review

This child seat has your standard six-point harness system, adjustable foot rests with straps and extra shocks for a smoother ride.

Reviewed by Christopher Rodrigues

$169.95 USD; $210 for disc compatible or $200 for non-disc compatible (both including rack)

Maximum carrying capacity: 49 pounds (22 kilograms)

This child seat has your standard six-point harness system, adjustable foot rests with straps and rear reflector. Notable features include the wraparound seat body, roll bar handle and suspension system. The seat comes with Topeak’s MTX QuickTrack system rack which allows you to replace the child seat with a Topeak QuickTrack bag or basket.


The extra shocks made each bump smoother. A padded guard gave my daughter something to hold on to and the footrests gave her extra support. This sturdy seat gave me confidence that my little girl was safe in the back. The height gave her head plenty of support to rest when she got tired. She even fell asleep in her seat when we came home late one evening. The harness fit over her helmet and allowed me to buckle her in easily – it also has an extra safety button.


Due to our limited storage space, the large size of the seat made it a challenge to move and added a significant amount to the weight of the bike. The velcro on the foot harnesses were too big for my two-year-old’s feet and were a little tricky to tighten. Since the seat mounts on top of the rack, attaching other bags onto the rack was very challenging.

Ideal Rider

Mom or Dad looking to carry their child around town, with a bit of storage space to store a larger sized seat.


This seat was a pleasure to try out! It was a solid, safe way to share the biking experience with my daughter. I wish I had a mirror to see her joy as we rode around. Every time I peeked back she was beaming with glee. She loved the wind in her hair when we went down hills and asked for more bumps when we went over speed bumps.

Christopher Rodrigues is a Vancouver-based visual artist who shows his work internationally.


  • Tania

    Hi Jay!

    Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I think a lot if it actually depends on the bike you’re putting it on the Copilot and the Topeak are very similar, very easy to put on any bike as long as the rack system is compatible to your bike. The Yepp Maxi and Bobike Maxi are both awesome seats but what is really great with these two seats is that they don’t mount on a rack allowing you to use panniers with more ease. On pure aesthetics I find the Yepp and the Bobike more pleasing than the former and attach to the bike itself.

  • Jay

    Thanks for your reviews on the child bike seats. Have you ever done a comparison of the different options. I am most interested in copilot vs. topeak vs. yepp maxi vs. bobike maxi… Thanks!

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