Yepp Maxi Child Seat Review

A child seat that is easy and quick to attach and detach from the mounting bracket and comes with padded five-point safety straps.

Reviewed by Gwendal Castellan

PRICE $229.99 USD

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Maximum carrying capacity: 48.5 pounds (22 kilograms)

The Yepp Maxi is a back seat with a metal frame and an EVA polymer seat. It has a large steel bracket attachment that is mounted to the seat stay. The five-point safety straps also have EVA foam pads that rest on the child’s shoulders.


The seat is very easy and quick to attach and detach from the mounting bracket and can be locked. The open design makes the Yepp Maxi one of the easiest bike seats to load a child on. The EVA seat provides nice padding that feels comfortable for the child. All the clips, as well as the foot adjustments, were really easy to adjust and could be done repeatedly if you had two children of different sizes you needed to carry at different times.


Designed in the Netherlands where the bikes are generally all big, the mounting bracket is long and does make it hard to mount on smaller frames or frames with a sloped top tube.


This child seat can accommodate children up to 48.5 pounds (22 kilograms) or around six years of age.


The Yepp Maxi child seat felt safe and secure. The design and color options were attractive to the tester.

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