Co-Rider Child Seat Review

This is a solid, well-built seat that will fit on most bikes.

Reviewed by Gwendal Castellan

$199 USD; $205 CAD

Suitable for children between the ages of two and five

Maximum carrying capacity: (20 kilograms)


The Co-rider is the most unique child seat that I have tested. It is built of aluminium (that is how they spell it in the UK where it was made), it has two large stirrups that keep the child’s feet up and it has an EVA foam saddle-type seat. The child stays engaged in the ride, as he or she has to hold him or herself in place. A child can even participate in the ride because of the handlebar attachment. I suspect this is why my little rider was much less likely to fall asleep than when she rode in other child seats.


There is a safety belt and, because the child is between your arms, he or she can’t move very far, but you do have to be careful on longer rides that he or she doesn’t fall asleep. The Co-rider is a little heavier than other plastic seats.

Ideal Rider

For the parent who wants to be close to his or her child and keep he or she engaged in the ride.


This is a solid, well-built seat that will fit on most bikes.

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