Knog Bike Lock Reviews

Momentum Mag reviews the Knog Party Coil, Party Frank, and Kabana bike locks.


PRICE Party Coil $24.95 USD

PRICE Party Frank $24.95 USD

PRICE Kabana $34.95 USD

Knog’s range of bike locks range from small, the Party Coil, to heavier duty, the Kabana, and one right in the middle, the Party Frank. These locks have a bright colored rubber exterior and a woven steel metal interior. Available in a wide range of fun colors to match your bike.


These are fun, colorful, easy to use, and if you own several locks, their color matched keys are a godsend.


A more elegant way to secure the lock to your bike, rather than coiling it around your seat post or just throwing the locks in your bag. My key and keyhole started to wear over time; maybe a stronger metal might make the locks last longer. It may also help to clean and lubricate your lock regularly.


Do not mistake these as all-day, high-security locks. Each of these locks are perfect for locking accessories to your bike and locking kids bikes, trailers, even strollers on your own property in an out of the way area. Depending on the length of time you’re locking up, the Party Coil, Party Frank, and Kabana all are handy and each have a use, though not in places where this is a high risk of theft. This is a perfect set of locks for a family with several bikes and the need to easily identify each lock and key.

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