TiGr Bike Lock Review

Momentum Mag reviews the TiGr Lock.

PRICE $165

FIND IT AT tigrlock.com

The TiGr is a titanium lock designed to fasten around both wheels, frame, and bike rack. Made of a long rectangular titanium bow and a separate lock body makes this lock strong and weighs only 16.3 oz (459 g). The titanium body comes in two widths, 1.25″ (32mm) or 0.75″ (19mm), and three different lengths, 24” (61cm), 30” (76cm), 18” (46cm). Manufactured and assembled in the US.


A super light, durable, and easy to use lock. Great value when you consider that most locks easily weigh more than twice as much.


The lock body is made of stainless steel and had to be carried separately which was a little cumbersome. There is now an accessory available that attaches the lock body easily to your bike, sold separately.


This is an excellent lock that I would feel confident using in any moderate risk bike locking situation. This lock felt strong and had the capability to lock both of my bicycle wheels. The TiGr lock’s bow fits on the top tube of your bike frame and is secured with two Velcro straps. This snug and simple lightweight way of transporting the lock on your bike makes for vibration-free, quiet riding, that does not take up any valuable real estate on your frame. In high-risk locking situations, one lock is usually not enough, so it is great to have a reliable lightweight lock like the TiGr lock to have as a secondary lock.

Gwendal Castellan is a father of two and works as an energy specialist at Tourism Vancouver where he helps businesses identify projects to reduce their energy consumption. @Gwendal_C 


  • Roy Wilkie

    It’s honestly hard to take your reviews seriously when you seem to conveniently omit any mention of a products shortcomings. I just watched a YouTube video (by Stiftung Warentest) of this lock being defeated by a common bolt cutter in only 5 seconds. It’s also expensive and awkward to carry.

    How much did TiGr pay you?

    • Momentum Mag

      Hi Roy, I’m sorry you don’t like the review. We don’t receive any compensation from brands to test their products. As for locks, we don’t have the facilities to try to crack them open, so the reviews focus on qualities such as weight, ease-of-carrying, and ease-of-use. This above review did mention that the TiGr is cumbersome to carry without the frame attachment. As far as being cracked open, we’ve also seen the video. Those are a fairly non-standard pair of bolt cutters that one couldn’t simply waltz down the street with. You’ll find videos on Youtube of every every single lock currently available being cut open by those same bolt cutters or some other sort of tool in a matter of seconds. As of yet, none of them are foolproof. Hope that clarifies things a bit.

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