Park Tool Wants You to Fix Your Own Bike

Park Tool publishes a comprehensive bike maintenance guide online to teach bike riders everywhere how to service and maintain their own bikes.

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Since the 1970s, Park Tool has been an industry leader in offering strong and reliable bicycle maintenance tools and kits to the general public.

With so many people getting on bikes now and taking it upon themselves to live a more sustainable and active lifestyle, the demand for bicycle maintenance is growing. Just as it is important for those who drive to know how to change a tire, Park Tool believes it’s important for bike riders to know how to care for their means of transportation. Buying repair tools is one thing, but if you don’t know how to use them, then they’re useless.

In order to empower bike riders everywhere, Park Tool has published a free “Help Me Fix it Guide” on their website. You can find informative articles on Bike Repair Help by searching, selecting categories, or clicking on the “View Bike Diagram” button on your Tablet or Desktop.

The articles cover everything from How to Remove and Install a Crank to Brake services like Shimano® Hydraulic Brake Service and Adjustment or How to Install Disc Brake Rotors. You can filter by category such as “Wheel and Rim Service,” “Derailleur Systems,” or “Frame and Fork.”

As mentioned, the articles are totally free and available to anyone, anywhere. All articles, as well as a detailed step-by-step of how to accomplish your goal, include videos or pictures so you know you’re on the right track. Moreover, if you don’t know the exact terminology, or what the exact problem you’re experiencing is, the site allows you to roll over the menu which lights up the corresponding area of the bike you’d like to focus on. From there you can view all of the articles published on that area of the bike and find one that suits your needs.

The Repair Help pages also include Home Mechanic Tool lists, comprehensive lists for all stages of people learning bike maintenance: The Essentials, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. This way, you’ll never find your self starting to bake a cake without realizing you don’t have any flour.

If you envision yourself riding a bike for many years to come (which we hope you do), it certainly would be advantageous to know what goes into making your bicycle function and roll smoothly. While some people prefer to learn from friends or in community bike shops, many others prefer learning in the comfort of their own home, so this valuable online resource from Park Tool is a great way get to started.

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